My wife is 33 years old and had not been to Madrasa at her native place. We came to know that She had been doing wuzu wrongly till now.
Unknowingly, after washing her face, She had been washing left hand first than right hand..

What is the ruling regarding her wajibaat she performed till date? Are her Namaz and other wajibat void?

جواب : إذا كان جاهلاً قاصراً فأخلّ بما لا يضرّ الاخلال به في هذا الحال كعدم رعاية الترتيب بين غسلi الرأس وسائر البدن في الغسل والمسح بالماء الجديد في الوضوء، حكم بصحة وضوئه وغسله، وبالتالي يحكم بصحة صلاته وحجه.
If her ignorance was not intended or intentional ignorance or negligence then she does not need to redo her Salaat and haj according the fatwa mentioned above.