Need ur guidance on some islamic and sharia law as both my parents expired few months back one after the other, leaving behind 5 children two sons and three daughters.

1-  Do we get share in all properties as per Sharia.

2- My mom left gold so how should that be divided.

3- The property should be divided with what % between sons and daughters . 

May I know as per islamic law and sharia what all, as a daughter do I have right over my parents belonging as want to be clear in every aspect as my brother always shows up he is waliyat and we have no right over anything to decide. He is whole n soul having right over every thing.

1- Yes. You get share in all properties and cash.
Since you are brothers and three sisters, the inheritance is distributed to seven shares, three for girls and four for the two boys.
Percentage wise, 14.29% for each daughter, and 28.57% for each son.
If the parents left $ 1000,000.00, each son would inherit 285,714, and each daughter 142,857.
2- The same principal.
3- 14.143% for each daughter, 28.286% for the younger son, and 28.286% + 1% =29.286 for the eldest son.
4- No body has any wilayat on any one other than the father on his kids who are below boloogh, and daughters for marriage.
Hence, none of the brothers has wilayat on sisters, and you have the same rights in the inheritance, as explained above.