Normally when we pray or donate in the name of our beloved deceased, we want to pass the good deed of our acts of worship to the deceased to benefit them. With regards of our beloved present Imam a.s. (my God hasten his appearance) ,
1. How do our prayers benefit thawab to him, as he is the ma'sum, and doesn't need it? Or when we offer our prayer, should we have the intention of a gift to him instead of thawab for him?
2. I have heard that we should make a habit to put aside a donation everyday for our Imam's protection. We know that God has assured victory for our Imam a.s. Our Imam a.s. is protecting us all the time and looking after our affairs. So could you please elaborate on this action on donation in our Imam's name. It will be a good habit for the children to show our love for our Imam, but how do we explain it to our children that our Imam is in need of protection still although Allah has kept him safe.

1. It raises his status, give him more protection and gets us closer to him
2. Yes Allah will protect him but also our donations will help the poor and needy so it is helping the followers of Imam mainly and making us think about others