Now a days as you see there are many types of people to be seen in our shias some say taqleed is not allowed some says only majlis matters and those who do taqleed are also divided into groups and fight each other over which Marajah is better
Seeing this all irritates me and i am very sorry for innocent people who get caught in between this
So please guide me what should i do i mean sometimes i try to debate with them but my father says no so i have to stop
So please i want your help please direct me

Yes it is very difficult time it is resting period for every shia.obey your father he is right because debate is not solution it causes for more division. Some people are telly they are innocent they need guidance but that only capable people can do. Try to preserve the unity because enemy. Wants to divide us.
Only the role who can play they are ulama let play their role wherever they need your help go forward and help them.
This matter can be resolve with wisdom. Patience and strategy.