Nowadays every other thing is being atributed to appearance of dajal especially Ahle Sunat is very inclined to make sure that dajal is coming tomorrow.
I heard from many very renowed scholars that most of these ahadees are fake so how do we take all these? Is there any credibility of these Hadith? What Hadiths do we have about dajjal?

We have very little hadiths about the Dajjal in our authentic Shia sources. Sunnis have many detailed hadiths about the Dajjal. We cannot verify the authenticity of those hadiths. Hence, we should not be too focused on the Dajjal. We should be focused on:
1- Strengthening our faith and increasing our knowledge
2- Believing in Imam Mahdi (a) and truly awaiting his reappearance with good deeds
If we have the Wilayah of the Imams, proper Akhlaaq and a strong belief in Allah, we will be fine when the reappearance happens.
Yes, at the same time, we should be aware of all the corruption and injustice that happens around earth and try not to fall into them.