Nowadays I come across some kind of tables sent in groups/personal chat. They are called daily naqsh, which are composed of some arabic numbers or/and letters for each of the days respectively.
Under this table there is a message written that if a table for that day is seen, then you will get certain benefits. For example: the fire of the hell will be cooled for you, only by seeing this table.
I just couldn’t accept it and asked them if they could give an evidence such as a hadeeth of RasoolAllah s.a.w.s. or any other Masoomeen stating or referring to seein such kind of tables. I haven’t received any from them.
I request you to please throw some light on this and let me know if such kind of tables should be encouraged. If yes, kindly send me any proof from an authentic source stating or supporting these tables.

There are certain naqsh that might be mustahab, however, many of these things are not authentic