okay but then necessity as in when patient comes to me,most of the time after using allopathic medications & wid no improvement ,only then am i allowed to prescribe homeopathic medications or even a fresh case wid multiple complaints directly approaches me,as now most of them r aware of d side-effects of allopathic medications so should i check out that if dis can be treated wid allopathic or other home remedies;you must first take those n then come for homeopathy?
necessity of every pt coming to me differs so ..? i'm also studying about tibb-e-islami,d way dey handle temperaments of ppl,its there in homeopathy too but not backed by ahadiths,so easy it that in any case person should first go for tibb & then other system of medicines..i also heard from a scholar that medicines can only treat not cure..allah has not kept cure in them..so what is it

Go for better option and it is to refrain until there is no option except homeopath.