On Tuesday night we put our cat to sleep. She was struggling to breathe from Sunday and the vet said she had water outside her lungs which would have to be drained. They said even if we got it drained it would come back in a few days and even if we kept getting it drained our cat would only live for a few weeks with poor quality of life. In hindsight we think of the possibilities we could’ve explored but at that point in time none of us could think straight. I asked a Sheikh to do istikhara whether we should put her down and he said it came as ‘it’s up to you’. When I asked his opinion he said don’t do it, there may be a solution. By Tuesday night our cat was panting which is really bad for cats. And looking back I feel like the vet was talking in code and if we had pushed harder maybe we could’ve saved our cat even if she had a poor quality of life. But we were so upset and panicked none of us could think straight, we believed the vet and we put our cat to sleep. The pain I can get over but the guilt is eating me away that we killed a creation of God.

Do you think we did the right thing?

Don’t worry. You have not done anything wrong