one day while passing urine, the urine got mixed with sticky premature ejaculated fluid. Now to make urine pak, i washed it but the wash was not good enough to remove the stickiness. So, just because the stickiness was not washed away which was mixed with urine, it is najis and transfers najasat? The urine was made paak correctly. If the answer is that its najis and transfers najast then, That day when was in that situation I had touched many things with the wet hands which may also have become najis. How to know the things which i made najis?

Issue 126: * If a Clean (tahir/pak) thing touches a najis thing and if either or both of them are so wet that the wetness of one reaches the other, the Clean (tahir/pak) thing will become najis. Similarly, if the wetness of the thing which has become najis, touches a third thing, that t hird thing will also become najis. It is commonly held by the scholars, that a thing which has become najis transmits its najasat, but indefinite number of transmissions is improbable. In fact, after certain stage it is Clean (tahir/pak). For example, if the right hand of a person becomes najis with urine, and then, while still wet, it touches his left hand, the left hand will also become najis. Now, if the left hand after having dried up, touches a wet cloth, that cloth will also become najis, but, if that cloth touc hes another wet thing, it cannot be said to be najis. In any case, if the wetness is so little, that it does not affect the other thing, then the Clean (tahir/pak) thing will not become najis, even if it had contacted the Najisul Ayn.