– One has been married for 7 years and I come from a Sunni family and within
2015 I have been blessed by Allah swt to follow the path of the Ahlulbayt (as). My spouse is from a Shia family, he has not told his family that my family are Sunni. I have not meet his parents as they live in India. He has visited many times and still goes but I have not gone with him. This causes and issue between us at times when we have argued in the past I felt that he does not respect my family because they are Sunni. When one asks him let’s visit my family he does not want to go and makes excuses. This leads to an argument. How does one overcome this issue? My family always ask why he does not come with me and I have to keep saying he is working even when he is not.
I understand that telling his parents maybe an sensitive issue as living in (removed) is so different to India the different cultures. My spouse is a (removed)’s boy and he still acts like a stubborn child at times. How can one overcome this?

My spouse is providing for us financially, I am really grateful for that. I would like to ask does my spouse have to financially support his (removed) that is married and has a child because her spouse does not work?

– My spouse has some habits since he was a child, I do not like them and don’t want to do them. When I say that, he gets into a mood about it and says that I don’t love him and only his family does. There are several things I don’t like what he says or does but I do it so we don’t argue. How can one overcome this?

1. Re habits, you need to communicate this clearly and calmly over time and be flexible. Marriage is about adapting to situations that ppl are not comfortable with. He will also have comments about your habits. It’s about supporting each other. It should not be said in any way which is hurtful or abusive, but with respect.

2. He does not have to support his sister but it’s recommended as Islam says charity starts with Family. However it should not be at the expense of his immediate family

3. Meeting Family is important and part of marriage. One can not exclude Family in this partnership. This will only be resolved by clear and honest communication which happens not at times where he or you are stressed or angry, but at good times.
Don’t forget to ask Allah to help because it is only He who changes hearts