one of my friend has become athiest and he gives me such evidences on which behalf i become speechless so i want you to help me to make him understand.

q # 1:
“Religion is a dream, in which our own conceptions and emotions appear to us as separate existences, beings out of ourselves. The religious mind does not distinguish between subjective and objective,– it has no doubts; it has the faculty, not of discerning, other things than itself, but of seeing its own conceptions out of itself as distinct beings. What is in itself, mere theory is to the religious mind a practical belief, a matter of conscience,– a fact. A fact is that which from being an object of the intellect becomes a matter of conscience; a fact is that which one cannot criticise or attack without being guilty of a crime;”
Ludwig Feuerbach –
Essence of Christianity
Q # 2:
Theological evidence doesn’t stand a chance in-front of scientific evidence. Objective proofs based on evidence that can be tested in labs and proved.
Religious claims are mere hypotheses without any kind of physical evidence to back Whereas Science is based on evidence When science doesn’t know anything, she excuses herself and asks for some time until she does some research On the contrary, religion claims to know everything but doesn’t give any proofs?
Q # 3: What about Cosmic Background Radiations? They are the after effects of Big Bang, were recently observed around the world?
What happened before Big Bang, science doesn’t know yet, but she’s working on it. She’s not pretentious as theologies?
Q # 4:
religion is of no use. Religion has attempted to tell us two things,
1- How was the world created.
2- How to live in this world(morality).
For the first query, I take the help of Science
For the second morality question, I take the assistance of Philosophy and Social science?

1. Religion is not a dream and this is because dream is an internal existence whereas Religion has an obvious external existence. It practically impacts on people’s life. The essence of religion is to discipline man spiritually and physically since man is made up esoteric and exoteric dimensions. We witness examples of how Religion impacts practicality on people’s life every single day and this made religions forces to reckons with in today’s world and you are telling me is just dream and theory. On the contrary atheism is only in the mind and nothing of it is seen outside.

2. Religion is not limited by space and time and so you cannot limit Religion to only physical things and experiments. What Morden science is proud of were predicted by the Religion years ago such as force of gravity, coupleness in everything, theory of expansion etc. Science is basically trial and luck and so it cannot be compared with Religion. Religion has been tested many times and it has proved to be the way out. Hence you have good number of sciences who are religious.

3. Theologians never pretend. They rather strive to expose us the correct understanding of the nature which the science has failed to do so. Big Bang theory doesn’t stand any chance as it has not yet been proven to be real.

4. The world need an independent Creator who is necessary infinite. Otherwise relying on science and social science doesn’t guarantee harmonisation and cohesion in the world. Scientists themselves have a lot of contradiction amongst themselves. Therefore we cannot absolutely rely on them. Unlike the view the Religion hold on the creation of the world