One of my Sunni friend asked me whether Angles used to descend on your Imams (A.S) too after the Prophet (PBUH) left or not?

If yes then how can we differentiate this from the belief of Qadiyani who don’t believe on "Khatm e Nabowat"? i.e what is difference?

Furthermore, if your answer is yes then, what is meant by Imam Ali’s (A.S) Khutba #232 in which He (A.S) says that O Prophet (PBUH) your death wasn’t like any other Prophet, as it discontinued the connection with News from Skies etc?

Revelation stopped as the Quran was complete however angels can speak to someone who is not a prophet. The angels spoke to Maryam, she was not a prophet and it was not a revelation.

We have hadith that angels spoke to the Imams.