One thing still hit my mind how a child psychologically be affected by all this. I don't remember since when and how I have been involved in this odd gender feelings. When I see my friends they really feel like a man but since child I remember I used to like a toys related to girls, fascinated by girls accessories and when I grown up, never feel sexually attracted towards woman and have no control over such feelings which ultimately led me towards practicing sins. Should I consult any psychiatrist? And please suggest me any dua. I want to live a normal life. And I have also heard that if a person have some sort of harmons imbalances then it may also happend like if a male body contains more female harmons eg estrogen, then might be because of that he can be attracted towards male. Isn't it comes under biology? I have seen such cases where person change his/her gender. In that case, does Islam allow to change sex?

You are not alone in this world with such problem and such test of Allah swt from USA to Australia I have seen various of our beloved youth going through such.
Trust me Allah swt loves you, He swt tests His beloved ones such test.
Some of the youth they became normal by psychological treatments some by hormonal, but hormones increases in most cases your sexual desires or to have more sex very seldom it affects the gender change because it affects the physiology of the sex.

I remember quite of them got married but when they have sex with their wife they picture someone having sex with them rather, and their wives think they are normal. So as long as a person is faithful to his wife and fulfill her rights including the sexual rights then the fantasy world is his. He does not need to share his fantasies with his wife. And try to change his thoughts as much as possible. Because many youth they became straight after marriage.