Our backpacks that we get at work has a leather material on the ‘handle’. I contacted the company and ask whether the leather was real or not, and they said the leather was real.

Now when I went back to the message I sent, I realised the link I sent them was for another bag and not exactly the same one we have at work. However it’s from the same product line called so the leather details look identical.

Now since the answer they gave me was for that other bag, can I consider this one as pure even if there’s a very high probability that the two bags are made of the same materials (since they come from the same product line and look similar)? The aql says it would be najis because I heard that when it comes to the fiqh, aql is not always the source when it comes to laws regarding tahara/najasah

The original ruling for any item is that it is pure unless you know knowledge/certainty that it is najis.

If you believe that it is najis based on what they said you should treat it as so. If you think there was a mistake or they are speaking about something else, you can consider it pure.