Our debts are not decreasing. We both work really hard and try to give debts till the last one is over we can see new one standing already. What could be the reason behind it? We dont do fuzul kharch and always try to clear out but as it get clears the another debts is already existing. Please give some wazifa or explain what wrong things are done by us etc

There is one wazifa you may try inshallah your problem will be solved.
Before going to bed at the night clean yourself and wear clean clothes and use the place to sleep which is also clean (Pak). Sleep alone not with your family. Before sleep recite Surah Shams and Suran Layl 7-7 times. Then recite: "Allahumma Ija'l Lee Min Amry Hadha Farajan wa Makhrajaa."
So anyone does this amal he might see first day a dream or 3rd or 5th Day might be 7th day. He will be said the solution for the problem in your dream.

Some Olema have said to recite Surah Ad Dhuha and Surah Alm Nashrah and 7-7 times Surah Shams, Layl, At- Teen, Ikhlas, Falaq and Sura Nas. Then sleep towards Qibla direction in the state of Wudhu. You will see in your dream from 1st till 7th Night you will see a dream.
Note: If you feel comfortable to do this the do it otherwise don't do it.