Our son is 5 1/2 years approx.
I wanted some guidance in regard of his training.

1. He does not pay attention to what we tell him. He listens but does not think that he has to do this and not this.

(I try to make him understand and he only says this is wrong and this is right. )

2. Give some tips of helping me make him concentrate on a story we tell him. He wants only imaginary ones. He will listen to story but half heartedly.

3. How to make him bold in reality.

4. Putting him in which activity he likes? How to know what he likes? Put him in karate. He does not want to do. Wants to just relax at home and play with blocks for hours. He loves going out and doesn't at the same time.

First of all, it’s important to know that different children have different personalities, characteristics and capacities. You should not pressure your son too much. Sometimes too much pressure can lead to negative psychological consequences. Some children naturally overcome these challenges you mentioned as they grow older.

Secondly, have you taken him to a doctor for a diagnosis? Many children today struggle with ADD or ADHD or so some types of autism. Have him checked out to rule them out. That way you can better help your son.

Third, be creative in coming with methods to help your son overcome some of these challenges. For instance, you mentioned that he likes imaginary stories only. Many kids are like that. You can tell him a real story but say it in a captivating way that gets his attention. Try different methods. Also, in general, let him do the activity that he enjoys, yet encourage him to try new activities by having him do them with another friend child. Sometimes children get excited to do something with their friends.

Finally, I recommend you read this Du’a daily: