…People are making me depressed and their words putting a phobia of death on me. I know everyone must die but if someone is supposed to die tomorrow,he will die today just by thinking this. So please help me and give me appropriate reply whether someone negative words or prayers regarding life span get accepted or not?

Firstly you should know that death is not in the hand of anyone but Allah. Neither that so called friend or anyone else has a say on your death or otherwise. In fact it’s quite the opposite you should dismiss it completely and in fact laugh at such ridiculous suggestion. You are an educated person and you should not even entertain such nonsense. An educated person looks at things within the trust they have in Allah and not in what people say. Allow me to say this anyone who puts you down or tries to take away your confidence from you are either jealous of you or they lake self esteem and confidence.

Go study, give it your best, put behind all the negative talk, do not associate with negative people at all and set for your exam and only put your total trust in Allah.