Please advise , can we pray namaz in front of mirror , is it makrooh or it's fine to do this ?

Rules of Namaz » Places where offering prayers is Makrooh
907. There are a number of places where it is Makrooh to offer prayers. Some of them are the following:
Public bath Saline land Facing a human person Facing an open door On a road or street, provided that offering of prayers at these places does not cause inconvenience to others. If it is a source of inconvenience, and discomfort to them, it is haraam to obstruct their way. Facing fire or a lamp In the kitchens, and at every place where there is a furnace Facing a well or a pit where people often urinate Facing the picture or models of living creatures, unless it is covered In the room where a Mujnib is present At a place where there is a picture, even if it may not be placed in front of the person who offers prayers Facing a grave On the grave Between two graves In the graveyard