Please assist with the below questions

1) If I clear my throat in Salah is there sajdah sahv?

2) If I start tasbihate arba by mistake in 2nd rakaat but change to sura fateha before ruku is there sajdah sahv?

3) While doing dhikr in Salah, in sajdah ruku and Tashahud if your body moves a little is that Alright ? If it’s not 100% stable

4) If there is a liquid near your wound that doesn’t look like blood and you don’t know what it is , is it najis ? Not sure if it’s pus

5) When having doubts in Salah and other acts should we pay heed to inclination of the heart ? Dhan ? Example if I am doing Wudhoo and if I have doubt but strong inclination that I have done the act should I follow the inclination or treat it as a doubt ?

6) Is there a Du’a or acts I can do to cure spiritual problem that I have, the problem i have is that I stammer in Salah when doing dhikr and my heart moves around a lot

7) If something falls into the washroom and the water inside is najis and that water splashes it is considered najisul Ayn? Or can you splash it with pak water running water and it will be ok ?

1) No
2) No
3) Try to be still as possible while reciting dhikr
4) Treat as pure
5) Ignore the doubt
6) Ask Allah to help you in this matter by the right of ahl ul bayt
7) If najis water splashes in something clean that with pure water. It is not najis al ayn but rather it is mutanajis and clean with pure water