Recently Allah guided me. I started doing good deeds a lot like nawafil, wajibat taqeebat, tasbeeh, Quran and making long dua of repentance after namaz however now if I do tasbeeh after nawafil I'm not having time to repent. If I repent I'm not having time to listen Quran. I'm not wasting my time on social media and I repent a lot in night and do zikr at 11 and because of that I'm getting a bit problem to get up in fajr. If I get up also I'm sleepy. Now if I do all at once I'm not having so much time so suggest me that should I do more good deeds or should I repent more?

I recommend you create a balance. For example, one day you can offer some Mustahab good deeds, and then the other day focus on repentance and Qur’an. This way your soul will always get a good variety of spiritual deeds.