Recently I have been thinking alot about the life here in the west and its toxicity. The culture, the ideologies and everything just seems to be in the opposite of what Islam wants. And if someone were to want to have and raise a family here, maybe today doesn’t seem impossible but the future is what scares me. It seems like it will be almost unrealistic to ever have a family and raise the next generation as righteous. I am in need of some advice.
Recently someone asked my parents to get to know me for marriage and what scares me is the reality in the west that I just mentioned. I rejected but I honestly don’t know if I did the right thing because the person is a righteous man. I am not bothered by the fact that he is righteous but rather at the possibility of not raising a righteous family. At this rate I might as well reject any and everyone in the west, which also seems unrealistic. I am left confused. Note that its just me, my parents, and my siblings that are here and all my other relatives and extended family is back in the middle east. I always had the thought of moving back as my family has too, but again, this is hard too considering what western countries have left our countries at. Do you have any advice in situations like this on what i should possibly do? Do you have some words of motivation for someone living the west? And is the best solution to just leave?

1- Yes I understand your concerns. We are witnessing very difficult times. However, it’s still possible to raise good children. It all depends on how committed parents are to giving their children a good spiritual upbringing. If from day one parents are alert and give their children a good foundation, then chances are the children will grow up to be good.

2- Parents don’t own their children. Allah owns us. As parents we do our best to give our children a good upbringing, but ultimately Allah is the one who guides them. Ask Allah to guide them everyday and leave the rest on Him.

3- Islam recommends us to get married and have children, even in difficult environments. So by starting a family you are following the Sunna of the Prophet (s). You will be doing what your Creator has recommended to you.

You may see this video here:

4- If in the future things get very bad in your country you can migrate to a country with a better environment. Remember Islam was based on migration—so sometimes migrating to a better place will protect your family. Always be open to that.

So as long as you know your Islamic priorities, you will make your children your priority in your life, you have a plan to give them a good moral and religious foundation and you are willing to migrate one day if you have to, then go for it and ask Allah to bless you. Don’t deny yourself the opportunity of having a family. Ask Allah to make your children the supporters of Imam Mahdi (a).