Religion is of no use. Religion has attempted to tell us two things,
1- How was the world created.
2- How to live in this world(morality).
For the first query, I take the help of Science
For the second morality question, I take the assistance of Philosophy and Social science?

How was the world created?
First of all science we don’t see any contradiction between science and religion as long as any issue has been proved by scientific research because we know many scientific researches are still in the process of theories and have not yet been proven. But what Religion (specially Quran) has said about the universe is pointing out towards a reality now it that reality has not yet approved by scientists due to the lack of knowledge ( none can accept that all mysteries of the universe has been solved) then how we can say we can get all answers from the scientific researches.
2- How to live in this world (morality)
I would like to ask one question if this Morality is found in social science or in philosophy then why don’t we have it in all creations while animals they don’t have it in what manners we Human being have. What does it mean? When all organisms are having same atmosphere and same fashion of their creation then how comes Humans are distinct from other animals?? It means what Humans have is not only been taken from this very nature but some other power has given them. Our intellect is not the creation of our practices which we do in our daily life but it has already been settled according to our need by our creator. So for Morality also we need Religion too.