Ruling 360. based on obligatory precaution, when performing ghusl, it is not sufficient to make the intention of ghusl when moving the head, neck, or body while they are already under the flow of water; rather, the part that one wants to perform ghusl on – in the event that it is already under the flow of water – must be taken out from under the flow of water and then washed with the intention of ghusl.

What I have been doing for example after washing my head and neck is removing myself from under the flowing water of the shower and stepping aside for a short moment, then moving my body back under the water with the intention of washing my body in ghusl. What I have noticed is that although I move myself completely from being under the flowing water of the shower, i recently noticed that there is a small amount of water that is bouncing of the tiles on the floor of the shower and bouncing onto my feet so im concerned if that affects anything as the ruling says i need to remove myself from the water which i believe i have. I now turn off the shower to avoid this but does that affect the validity of the past ghusl? (the bouncing of the water from the tiles into my feet).

The obligatory precaution is to move the body part being washed (next) out of the water and then re-entering so that the intention of ghusl precedes the commencement of washing. However, some splashes from the tile are not significant, it is that you make the intention and then start washing (rather than being under a continuous flow of water during the intention). As such, just move your entire body out of the stream of water, then immerse your head/neck and continue to your right and left sides.