Saalam, I have 3 questions: Ïnshallah I hope you will answer them .

1) After the Battle of Kerbala, some say that the wife of Imam Hossein (s) went to Iran were she hidden herself in a cave. From there on no one every so her. So my question is : If this narration is authentic, then why did she do that? and so she died there as well?

2) There are some shrines of the daughters of Imam Ali (s) and other Imams (s) , but the problem is some say for example that Rukhayya his (Imam Ali (s) ) daughter’s grave is in Pakistan while others say that 7th Imams daughters grave is also in Pakistan? And yes one more, the wife of Muslim bin Aqeel’s grave is also in Pakistan. If this is true, how on earth did the land in Pakistan? If not, where is the real graves of the daughters the Imams (s)?

3) What was the philosophy behind 10th Imam’s choice for naming her daughter Ai’sha?

1. I have not come across this, and I have studied lives of the wives of Imam Hussain in detail. I would like to see evidence of this claim

2. Again it is not something established. These maybe descendants of Imams several generations

3. It is not proven that Imam Hadi named his daughter as such