Salaam alaykum.
In our books its written if we commit few acts our rizq will decrease like Zina, etc. But i personally have seen people who commit sins openly and are unethical but also pray and come in majalis- their rizq keeps on increasing. whereas there are others who are ethical in their daily life and also pray and do azadari but still their rizq is very minimal.

Salam Alaikom,
Rizq is not a quantity. It’s quality of life. A person may have more money, but there would be less Baraka in that money. An example is singers/musicians. One hadith states prolonged exposure to singing leads to poverty. Singers are very rich. But according to studies, they suffer from one of the highest rates of depression and suicide. So Rizq means quality of spiritual life for you and your children. In fact sometimes more money could be a test/curse for the person.