Salaam I got two dream before 12 years. both dreams came after fajr in Ramadhan. 1st dream I was in Makkah in front of Holy Qaba, as people said that whoevwr see kaba first time gets his prayers accepted so I was standing with eyes closed and someone came from behind and caught my hand and said this is holy Qaba so open your eyes and pray whatever you want. I could not pray because I got up at that time. 2nd dream came consecutive night same time after fajr, I got another dream and this time I was at masjid nabawi for asr prayer with my father near wuzu place for getting ready to pray, then my father said go inside towards the grave alone as I don’t have permission to go inside, so next moment I went inside, beside the grave. then I saw a wall open adjacent to the grave and i saw Imam Ali shrine and heard same voice of prev dream saying now you can Pray, then I got up. I didn’t disclose to any aalim so far. till now I don’t know what could be the reason. I belong to school of Ahle sunnah.

w salam brother ,nice to meet you very nice dream and right time,First makka than madina in madina imama Ali qabr very nice only kaba means tarbiyat hidayat,when u closing ur eyes and pray it means spritual self building when you open ur eyes and ask dua it means physical self building also u need check ur akhlaq for others ,Nabi e kareem and Ali get together means Tarbiyat Hidayat Rab numbers=202(Ra in arbic200+Ba2=202 mohammad (s.a.s.w.a.s)+Ali (a.s.)=202 (92+110=202, ur good for your self its nice but you be good for others u can ask me again if u need