Salaam, i know all Maraje Karaam unanimously say that saying Ali un wali ullah in Tashhahud in Namaz is not allowed but i want Hadith proofs because People show a lot of hadiths in favor of saying this shahadat in namaz.

w salam how are you brother i hope you are well Alhamdolillah, you know

  1. Are the people understand better than maraje?
  2. Every arabic ibarat is not hadees and riwayat
  3. Maraje have four strong source for fatwa if havnt any of four source they never give fatwa. We love Imam Ali but not love like more than Imam sadiq a.s.and imam allow us shahadstsin in salat not in all time other than salat we should recite 3 shahadat i love too Imam Ali but we bound by shariate seerste amma and mutasharrea if namaz according to my love imam hussain a.s. is the saver or namaz and shsriaat so recite his name too.for seerat we have no hadees by them just we have riwayat you can read wasaelusshia babe salatu can find out seerate aemma