Salaam Sheikh, one of my Sunni brother posted the below in the site. could you please support if you have time? 1. who from the kitabe wahi recorded this sermon? 2. where is the authenticity report of this alleged sermon? 3. where are the witnessed of this sermon. 4. Do Muslim woman give sermons during the time or when Ali ibnTalib (ra) was alive? if at all, was it a speech or a sermon for the Muslim ummah to follow leaving the authentic Sunnah? 5. What are the names of the Sahibs that were present during this sermon or where is it in the Sahih Hadiths? even if this sermon occurred and is allegedly true (for the sake of discussion) is it reasonable to leave out what all the Prophet taught us and run after presently non-existent AhleBait? tryingto give Haq to Ahl-E-Bayt in this Era by running away from true Islam? the above is what he put on his website. I do know there are answers but thought this app could save my time googling on the internet.

Salam. I have some good information for you about this but the app will not allow me to paste it for some reason. Would you mind it if I emailed it to you? Its in PDF format