salaamualiakum agha, Can you please guide us in terms of duas/amaals to move to new house?
Any precautions required?
Any particular day to relocate?
I see in shia calendar app for android the days are mentioned good and bad days. do we need to follow as well?
I am shifting tom inshallah.

Congratulate you and your family for new house.may Allah grant you best house in the aakherat .aameen
You may recite Sura Fath, Sura Rahman, Sura waqea , Sura Insan,Sura balad,Aayatul Kursi, 4 Quls ,Hadees Kisa and Dua e Tawassul.
Pray two Rakat namaz e Shukrana qurbatan ilallah like morning prayer.
Best day to move us Friday or Eve if Friday or any birthday of Ahlul bait as and you can follow the calendar also.