Salaamun alaykum, The issue I am facing is a bit complex. I have come to know that one or more family friends are involved in black magic and have hasad towards my family and others. Alhamdolillah I (so far) have not seen or felt affects of these acts, but I would like to know what are the best means for protection of ourselves and our homes. Among what we already recite are: Surah Falaq/Naas, La howla wa la quwwata illa billa, and dua   Imam Mahdi AF (Allahuma kunle waliyyik). I heard a Mujtahid say that asking the Imam to pray for your safety after you pray for Imam’s safety is a comprehensive act. The second part of the question is: can or should I pray for these people’s guidance and reversion of their hearts toward pure goodness? The ones involved in the black magic are community members, Shia/lovers of AhlulBayt AS and I don’t want to fall into a negative track of thinking regarding them. Hasad and such are spiritual diseases, correct? These families have faced recent hard times (children’s divorce and sudden illnesses, as well as financial issues) and I feel like I should not abandon them completely by disassociating from them in masjid/center programs. Is praying for their hearts to be turned toward Rahmah and Mawaddah an acceptable act? We are all lovers of Sayyida Fatima SA and despite our sins I believe there is always hope of a good return. Thank you and JazakAllah.

May Allah protect you and all momeneen Fromm evil.Mashallah you are reciting very good zikr for may Add Aayatul Kurso also please recite three time after fajr and Isha.
Yes it is best to pray for imam and Then make request to him to pray for you.inshallah not only you will be protected but your contact with Imam of the time will be stronger which Causes for the hasten reappearance of Imam of the time as.May Allah enlist us among his helpers and true servants.aameen
I’m really pleased to read this part that is the quality of true momin that his heart is clean and his thoughts are pure and approaches are positive.
Nothing is better than it, pray for guidance and good end.aameen
May Allah increase your taufeeqat.aameen
I request you to add one more act that give sadaqah for the safety of Imam Zamana as
Inshallah it will help you lot in both world.
Syed Abul Qasim Rizvi