Salaamun Alyakum. By the grace of Allah twt i may visit Madinah n Makkah fr Ziyarat & Umrah. As per the present situation pls advise wch things v cn carry along wch are permissible fr doing sajda on other than sijdaga. Also cn v use Aqiq stone.

Mashallah you are blessed to visit holy sites in these holy months. May Allah accept your aamal and ibadaat.aameen
In Makkah you will not face any difficulty in doing sajdah that inside the haram around khana kaba there is no may do sajdah on masjid of Rasul saw there are carpets, but there also you will find the place where there is no carpet you may do sajdah there.but at historical sites of the masjid everywhere there are carpets and workers and police are keeping eyes on Momeneen so please don’t carry Sajdagah with may carry wooden tasbeeh or safe option isyou may do sajdah on Aqeeq ring.but still you have to be careful, in this situation you are allowed to sajdah on carpet also.may Allah hasten Zuhoor of imam E Zamana as so we may perform ibadaat freely.aameen