Salam Alaikum

I, 22 year old am going to get married to a girl (21 yrs old).

Both of our parents are in favour of the Nikaah, but her parents are keen on delaying it for atleast 2 years.

We have planned to get Married and have a private nikaah without informing her family about the same, for which the girl is ready, her mother is ready… but her father and family are not aware about it!

Is it permissible to have a Nikah only with the permission of her mother and my parents!? Her father is okay with marriage after 2 years!

Whether that Nikah will be valid or invalid?

Another question is…. since her father and family will have an impression that the nikah will take place after 2 years, is it permissible to recite the nikah twice for the same couple?

Please help me urgently.

Walaikumussalam brother
Father is wali(guardian) his permission should be taken before is not right you get married without his permission
Here you, your family and girl’s family they need to speak to him convince him and get permission from him