Salam Alaikum

I wanted to know whether permanent tattoos are allowed according to taqleed of Ayatollah Seestani.

Also wanted to know, if it is allowed then why do so many of our ulemas are against it and says that its haraam to have a permanent tattoo.

I know the issue was about the ink on the skin which stops the water from getting in touch with our skin during abulution and ghusl. But lately its confirmed that the ink in permanent tattoos is injected inside the skin on not on top of it. Hence doesn’t come in the way of the water.

Kindly help me with the same.

Jazak Allah

It is permissible to have a tattoo if:
a. The tattoo allows the water of wudhu and ghusl to reach the skin while performing wudhu or ghusl.
b. Having a tattoo does not involve forbidden touch or look.
c. The tattoo does not encourage corruption or corrupted ideas or beliefs.
d. The tattoo does not have the names of Allah his almighty or Quran script.
e. for woman, if that is considered as a beauty item then it must be concealed from non-mehram man