Salam Alaikum

This question is with regards to marriage.

I’m From Mumbai,India. My age is 22

I have been knowing a girl from my college and decided on marrying her. She is from a Sunni family, and the families have met.

She is keen in learning about Shi’a Isna Asheri religion. and assures that the future children will follow Shi’a ism

The problem is that, she has just found out that her mother has an extra maritial affair outside of her marriage.

The marriage will happen in the coming year.

Should I proceed with the nikaah, knowing about her mother’s affair and knowing that the girl will not breach her relations with her mother.

I’m in an utter state if confusion.
Please help me as soon as possible.

Waiting for your reply.

I’m pleased to learn that she is interested to study Shi’a Islam and has assured that your children will follow the Shi’a faith .
Now issue of her mother that is her act.if you find she is a pious and righteous girl who fears Allah and refrain from haram then there is no obstacle in marriage.