salam, thank you very much. I think there's one about what it means to be a true shia? Like praying 51 rakats wearing a ring etc. do you have that one?


According to Imam Hasan bin Ali Al Askari (as) The signs of a true believer are five:-

1) Recite 51 Rak—a’t Salaat during the 24 hours of the day (17 Rak—a’ts obligatory, + 34 Rak—a’ts in Naafilah Salaats).
2) Be in Karbala for Ziyarat of Imam Husayn (as)/other martyrs, or at least recite Ziyarat of the Holy Imam as given below
3) To wear a ring in the right hand.
4) To put the forehead on the earth (preferably on the earth of Karbala) in prostration.
5) To pronounce “Bismillahir-Rah’maanir-Rah’eem” in clear and loud voice while praying the salats.