salamalykum, as I previously stated I have an anxiety disorder and alhamdullilah im feeling better. With ramzan coming up I wanted to know the rulings regarding fastimg for someone in my state. I am also on medicataion and would like to know if i could take them in the middle of my fast. or If i suddenly feel a big burst of anxiety and i break my fast will it be considered a sin. jazakallah khairan for the info.

May Allah grant you Shifa.
If you have to take your medicine on regular basis three times a day and fasting is harmful to your health then you can not fast
But if you can organise the timing of the medicine and not harmful to your health then it is wajib fir you to fast and said situation if in the middle of the day you feel medicine is compulsory and anxiety attack comes then yes you take your medicine it is not a sin .saving of life is wajib only you have to pay qadha of that day after the Ramadhan Ul Mubarak.

اللهم اشف كل مريض
امن يجيب المضطر اذا دعاه و يكشف السوء
أمين يا رب العا لمين
Syed Abul qasim Rizvi