If I am using kurr water, then, to make myself paak from urine, i need to wash it COMPULSORILY two times? or washing once is enough?
if your answer is- 2 times, then,
if the urine gets mixed in water or by any means the urine get transferred as per the law of transfer of najasat, then if that water or anything which has become najis, gets on my hand, then my hand also need to be COMPULSORILY washed twice? or one time is enough in all cases?


You need to wash two times.

17. If essential Najasat like urine, blood, or anything which has become najis, like a najis cloth, falls in Kurr Water and if the water acquires the smell, colour, or taste of that najasat, it becomes najis; but if it does not, then it is not najis.