Salamun Alaykum Agha i Came Across with A Hadeeth, And After Reading That I’m Little Bit Confused. i Need Your Guidence. It has been reported in the commentary of al-Qummi that when Aisha sought to travel to Basra in preparation for the battle of camel to fight Amir al-Mu’minin (peace be upon him), Talha ibn Ubaidullah compelled her by saying: “It is not permissible for you to leave (your home) without a Mahram” and so she gave herself to him in marriage. (Tafsir al-Qummi, vol. 02, pg. 377) This Is Something New To My Knowledge Is It True that Ayesha Had married With talha??

no,it is not correct, itni samajh hoti tou yeh sab ameerul momineen ke muqable main naate