Salamun Alaykum w wr
What is the best way to safe from Gunaah…as in daily busy life…unwanted Sin has been done. So kindly advice how we can be away from various Sins…?

*In the Presence of Ayatullah Tahriri*

🌻~ _I wanted a basic spiritual program_ ~

📩 *Question:-*
*_Salaamun Alaikum. If possible, I wanted to ask you for a practical spiritual program for beginning stages. I'm currently in business, but extremely interested in self-purification and hope that you will help me._*

📜 *Answer:-*

🌼 The primary step is _performing all the wajib actions_ and _avoiding all haram acts_. To know what these are, one should read:
💥 _"Tawzih al masail"_ (rules on jurisprudence) as well as other books such as
💥 _"Greater sins"_ of Shaheed Dastghaib,
💥 _"The obligatory and forbidden acts in Islam"_ of Ayatullah Mishkini and
💥 _"Introduction to sins"_ of Agha Qara'ti.

🌼 Have a yearly account of your money and belongings _(khums)_.

🌼 _Stay away from sins_, especially lying, backbiting, wasting other people's money/belongings and slandering others.

🌼 _Pray on time_ and in congregation (jamaat).

🌼 Read _Quran_ reguarly, even if it is just 20 verses a day.

🌼 Build relationship with _scholars and religious gatherings_.

🌼 Also bear in mind the importance of _helping the poor_ and the needy.

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