salamunalaykum…Maulana sahab my family is in a great problem…I mean it seems as if nothing is going good in the family..N there r lots of disputes everyday on every new issue n the family members r behaving in a really odd way in which they were never used to behave earlier…it seems that there is some bad luck in our house…so it’s a request could u plz plz give me some duas or aamals for improving the condition of the family…N to maintain peace in family n family members….it’s a request…thnx…khudahafiz..

wslm thank you for the question

  1.  Recite Quran everyday in the house 2. recite dual
  2.  Recite dual kumayl in house from time to time 3.
  3.  Recite 40 times chapter yasin, dua dawssul and ziyarat ashura 4.
  4.  Ziyarat ashura for 40 nights hadiya to Bibi narjis choose one of the above u will be fine

     Choose one of the above u will be fine.