Salamunalikum. In which month and year according to Islamic calendar did Yazid attack on Masjid e Nabawi and Attacked the Holy Kabah

On 10 Moharram 61 Ah Imam Husain as and his family members and friends were killed by Yazeed Army.Then Ahlul bait as were arrested and imprisoned for one year.
On 2 Zilhaj or according to some end of zilhaj 63 Ah Yazeeed’sArmy Attacked Madina and thousands of people were killed, women were disrespected Azan was stopped and Masjid of Rasul saw was disrespected.
On 3rd of Rabiul Awwal Yazeed’s Army Attacked the khana e Kaba,burnt the Curtains of Kaba and thrown the stones on holy kaba.
In same month and year fell into the bowels of hell. He died on 14th Rabiulawwal 64ah
Syed Abul Qasim Rizvi