Sallamun Alaykum, My question to you is, what are your views regarding hijab in the west? Apart from the head covering, do you think women need to wear an abaya (loose black outer covering) or is it OK to wear modest clothes like a long top and jeans? Many have told me that it is a personal choice…but it’s so hard to decide. If the Imam was within our contact, he would define this for us, wouldn’t he? Your help will be much appreciated.

wslm wearing proper hijab for a Muslim women in the West should not be a problem. it’s your constitutional right to wear what u feel is good for you so long as no one is harmed. having said that: there is no separate hijab for those in the West and other places. hijab is hijab wherever u find yourself.Try as much as you can and Allah will help you. don’t get discouraged