Sayyed, when one purifies something najis with qalil water, they say the seperated water is najis.

How do I purify something with qalil water? It’s an endless cycle no?

For example after one urinates, if he pours twice qalil water, the place touched by urine is pure, but the seperated water that comes off is najis, and then one has to wash all of area that are touched with this water.

Or for example if a place where one sits is najis, and he pours qalil water on it, same thing, the seperated water is najis too, so how do we use qalil water, when the seperated water is always going to be najis?

Should I just pour twice/once and forget about the seperated water?

You would have to suction the najis water, or remove it with a towel. It can be squeezed out, suctioned out with a machine or absorbed into a cloth. Then the next time you pour Qalil water it becomes pure