Sheikh I have three questions related to 313 warriors of Imam Mehdi (as)
1) Since we know that the (313) commanders of Imam will have a sword. And it is (and must be) the dream of almost every Shia to be a part of 313. Yet people who do real effort to be a part of it does not get themselves a sword why? Is the sword to be given by Allah or The Imam?
2) I know there is a lot of contradiction on this toipc but according to you, What would be the weapon used in the war. If it would be a sword then why would the world abondon great weaponaries at that time?
3) What is the profession that Imam would need the most (when he comes out and in Ghaib as well)

1. The appointment will be done by the Imam through Allah’s permission. It will only be the close elite companions of the 12th Imam. It’s like the cabinet of a political leader

2. There are different opinions in this regard. It will be something that the current world is used to.

3. In addition to to having strong belief in Allah and the Ahlul bait, professions such as engineering, pilot, journalism, general business would be needed. The general advise from the scholars is that whether one does should do it with perfection.