Sheikh..salaam. Thank you for your response. I am trying what you have suggested. Also, I have tried to dig deep to identify the origin of what makes me break salaat half way..and what causes it. I think I have identified the source. I now will present to you what happens…and you can advise if and when such things breaking the salaat the solution or does one just continue. Again, I know this may sound absurd. However, I am desperate for help, and I am diagnosing my evils. So what happens: as I told you in my initial message.I might have this impulsive thought of someone being a god. I know its false. I know that is not true. Now in namaaz…im nicely saying prayers..when out of nowhere I might get a thought like this: “you might seek more success worshipping this person x”, any my mind makes a reference to person x only because this was the last thing which my mind had created an impulsive thought of God. I do not know from where or how this thought emerges, but I make myself believe that I was the one who made the thought, therefore breaking my namaz as I have committed shirk. Moreover, I break my salaat and start praying all over again with a fresh wuzu. This is the basis of my ills. I am now seeking remedy as I might be a case of 1 in a million or ten million. Please, can you advise if such thoughts present in namaz, do I continue and act as if nothing happened. The problem is being afraid my salaat would be accepted or batil..that is the fundamental bottom line.

Wslm thanks once again for the question. in that case, u don’t have to break your salat. ignore the thought and continue with your salat