Since the beginning of my marriage, my wife hasn’t really been looking after my sexual needs; we might only be intimate once or twice a month and even then she doesn’t make an effort to make it enjoyable for me. It always leaves a lot to be desired.

I did not and don’t plan to divorce her, because I love her very much. I understand she’s not trying to be mean, it’s just our sex drives are very mismatched and she genuinely doesn’t understand how hard it is for me when she doesn’t satisfy my urges. So I can’t really blame her. In all other respects she’s a great person.

I was wondering if you could please guide me to what I should do? It is quite a difficult situation so I’d really appreciate any advice. Everything else in my life and religion is going really well

Instead of all this, teach your wife what you need her to do.
I think she is very innocent, and have no experience. Don’t talk to her. Teach her