Sister please advice on the following issue— in western part of world normally we make ghusl in shower. So after cleaning body, i make niyyat of wajib ghusl , and while standing under shower i first wash head and neck while saying niyyat 3 times, then turn my right side of body under shower and repeat the niyyat 3 times and then do the same for left part of body, shoulder to foot.
Is this a wrong method??
I saw a video clip where one moulana says that i have to step out of shower after each part is washed like head to neck is one, right side is 2nd and so on

In ghusl only once you make niyyat before starting is enough no need to repeat 3 times and no need to do niyyat before washing each part just do niyyat once before starting ghusl and washing each part under shower is ok. rule no 367 is saying , while standing under the water jerks each of these parts on one's body with an intention of performing tartibi ghusl,it will not be sufficient. but in your case u r turning your body so it is right way.