Something I never understood is how would people who became bad from negative influences will be judged like for example Yazid. He was really bad but can you blame him? His father was Muawiyah arguably the biggest enemy and hater of the Ahlulbayt so it would be natural for him to do what he did. If Yazid were to have been born in a better household then most likely things wouldn't have been the way they did. He might've been good and even if he were forgiven for most of what he did, what about the sins that he did that affected otherS? Allah won't forgive those until the people he oppressed forgives him. He would have so many but it wouldn't be his fault, it would be his bad influence's fault and now he would have face trial for those. So how will such people be judged?

That is not a valid reasoning. Look at Muhammad ibn Abu Bakr and it becomes clear.