Sometimes I’ll go like 2 days without committing a certain sin, then all of a sudden a wave of temptation attacks me and I find myself wanting to sin, then I start looking for things to trigger myself into sinning more.
Where does this wave come from? Is it Iblis (LA) or my nafs or a test?

How do I deal with myself, when I want to sin and like most of body plans on sinning except like a bit of me that knows I shouldn’t do it.

I try doing something else but the wave is just strong I can’t ignore completely.

Can you please help me? What would do you advice me to do?

Yes this is from Iblis. You have to be prepared for such moments. Plan ahead of time. Have a plan for yourself such that when you feel such wave of attacks, quickly put yourself in a setting in which you are unable to commit the sin. Also, take deep breaks that say “La ilaha Illa Allah” and do wudhu immediately. It also helps. So just run to a setting that doesn’t let you commit the sin.