Sometimes when I want to sleep and don’t want to wake up for fajr, I give myself justification for e.g it’s too cold, I slept late, I didn’t sleep well at night so I need to sleep now otherwise I’ll be sick the whole etc. These kinds of excuses I give myself and even though I get thoughts like what will you say when your account will be established or you will have a punishment of nail hamming in your head etc, I still don’t wake up and prefer sweet sleep. One more thing is that after switching off my alarm when I sleep for 5 mins more and instead of 5 mins I sleep more than that and when I wake up and see time I expect and wish in my heart that may I run out of time so that I can get the excuse that I got late and I can sleep. When I actually miss the pyarer I slightly become happy that now I can sleep.

The challenge is to fight those thoughts and respond to the calling of Allah.
Always seek refuge from Allah against the cursed Shaitan. Shaitan will always make disobeying Allah pleasing and beautiful to us.

Increase the recitation of “Auudhu billlah …….